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Weekly MMA News

Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

The hype surrounding the show off between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has already heightened. McGregor, staging a baffling debut against one of the greatest boxers of all time is expected to have a shot at emerging victorious although pundits have already declared this to be a one-sided match. Mayweather is well past his prime and celebrated his 40th birthday last month while McGregor might be in a shape of his life, and his blistering left hand that has helped him land several UFC titles could well make a difference.

Mayweather posted an intimidating video on his Instagram account reminding McGregor fans what he is capable of. McGregor hasn’t lacked behind and uploaded a few of his training sessions, which shows that the intensity of the match is not going to drop at any point in time. However, Mayweather remains leaps and bounds ahead in tactical and experience factors. McGregor would need to adjust to the situation well else he could find himself puffing dust on the floor. Check out all the Mayweather v McGregor free bets here.


Valentina Shevchenko looking for a shot at redemption

After an ugly brawl just outside the Octagon, Shevchenko is desperate to knock the air out of champion Amanda Nunes. Amanda and Valentina have locked horns twice before the upcoming UFC 213, and a controversial UFC Summer Kickoff in May saw the former alleging that the latter had landed her hands at first, which was missed due to camera’s angle. Shevchenko will look to come on top as the UFC women’s Bantamweight belt is on the line.

In a blatant and intimidating interview, Shevchenko has stated that she will land ten more blows to answer the solitary blow the Nunes inflicted on her during their ugly spat. Shevchenko could also land a make a strong statement beating Nunes to add to her illustrious trophy cabinet. 


Nick Diaz running into trouble

Diaz’s mystery seems no bound as he currently faces a provisional suspension from the USADA. However, this time the MMA fanbase and pundits have questioned the methodology of USADA who seems to get overboard with the thought of cleaning up the game. MMA has always been termed as a brutal sport, but softening up in every area could well lead to its downfall. Diaz was suspended due to his inability to show up for significant things.


Justin Gaethje elaborates his sudden move to UFC

Gaethje, a legend in World Series of Fighting with a plethora of trophies to his name has shown his desire to compete in UFC. Gaethje was a free agent before his move to the USA, and he has been impressed by the adversities that UFC has to offer, and that remains to be the prime reason for him to ditch 

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