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Tyron Woodley finally responds to taunts

Colby Covington, a welterweight UFC fighter has been very vocal recently against UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley. A disputed ending between Woodley and Demian Maia at UFC 214 has caused quite an outbreak. Woodley won via a unanimous decision which was very controversial. Covington has now been going on a rant against Woodley on Twitter. Now it looks like the champ has had enough of his rival’s taunts. While talking to the MMA hour from Vegas, Woodley had many things to say about Covington. About how Colby rarely spent time training and using more of his time on social media. He also said that Covington did not have the guts to say directly to his face. The champ continued saying that, even while he was boxing and training, Covington did not speak a single word and just stayed quietly in the corner. In the meantime, Woodley is still nursing an injury from the match against Maia. After having defeated most of his competitors in the current weight category, Woodley is now eyeing the middleweight group.

Joe Rogan shoots on Paulie Malignaggi

It looks like everyone wants a piece of Paulie Malignaggi. A former sparring partner for Connor McGregor, he had a bitter falling out with the UFC star. After the altercation, Malignaggi has since been on bad terms with almost everyone. Now and again he has disputes with other MMA fighters and even fans. Now it looks like commentators have also joined the list. In a recent podcast, Joe Rogan spoke his mind out against Malignaggi. Some of the things he said in the podcast were about how Malignaggi would get beaten up by anyone in the MMA ring. Rogan is not happy about how the former boxing champion has taken digs at MMA fighters. Malignaggi has called out McGregor for a match, a boxing match, in the ring. Calling him out Rogan said that the boxer has stepped over the line with his jabs at current UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway. Paulie Malignaggi has a lot of heat in him currently and should choose his words carefully ended Rogan.

Teens charged with the murder of an MMA fighter

In a shocking event, an MMA fighter was shot dead in his house. The police have arrested three teenagers as the culprits. Roberto Ortiz and Jace Swinton, both aged 18 and Summer Church of 16 years were not granted bail by the court. The police have reported that Summer Church, a 11th grader may have been the mastermind behind the death of pro fighter Aaron Rajman. There have been conflicting reports about the involvement of Church. While her mother claims she was blackmailed, other reports suggest otherwise. 

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