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Ian McCall regrets his whole career

One of the greatest flyweights ever to grace the ring Ian McCall had been going through a rough phase since day one which seemed to stretch on and on finally culminating into a career full of regrets and self-loathing. McCall was set to fight the then bantamweight star, Demetrious Johnson. 15minutes into the fight McCall was threatening to end it, but his efforts were not enough to get him a TKO, and due to confusion during the scoring, the bout has declared a tie. There was a rematch three months later which Johnson won decisively. McCall was supposed to fight Jarred Brooks in February, but that fight fell through due to last minute withdrawal by McCall due to some gastrointestinal issues. He also had several bouts of sporadic crying and suffered from unusual brain activity, forgetfulness, rage and bipolar symptoms. He is undergoing treatment in San Diego but he compares his life to what professional wrestler Chris Benoit’s life was, and with that all he is left with is regret.

Ronda, to Return or Retire?

Former UFC (women’s) bantamweight champion Ronda “Rowdey” Rousey has revamped her old website which has sent the UFC world into a frenzy. Rousey has teased her fans saying that there was going to be some major news in the next few days. It could mean that the former champ is making her return to the octagon. Rousey (12-2) also a part time actress walked away from the cage after her second consecutive knockout loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Holly Holm at UFC 193. A return if not highly favoured is anticipated, but it could also very well mean something entirely different. Rousey could also be looking to put an end to her career once and for all. She is looking forward to marrying boyfriend Travis Browne soon and wants to be a mother. Whatever may it be, fans and critics are both intrigued by this new development, to say the least.

Jon Jones is all praise when it comes to Cormier

Jon Jones, the current UFC Champion, appeared on the sets of Good Morning America and was all praise for his defeated opponent Daniel Cormier. Jones knocked out Cormier to reclaim his light heavy weight title at UFC 214. He described him as a “fierce competitor”,”stand up athlete” and a “stand up champion”. He said that they both knew this was a fight for legacy and Jones did not want the results of one fight to determine the legacy of someone he considers so great. Jones came out saying that Cormier was an amazing individual and that he aspired to be more like him. On asking him about his callout involving Brock Lesnar, he stated that currently, the decisions regarding that is on hold and that the UFC is looking into other options besides him.  


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