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Anthony Jackson to discuss heavyweight comeback fight

It was just five months back that former (UFC) light heavyweight no.1 announced his retirement. But to the delight of everyone, it has come to light that “Rumble” is planning his Octagon return. His manager Ali Abdel-Aziz confirmed that he’d be coming back as a heavyweight. He also confirmed that they would be meeting at UFC this week to see how things work out. Before Anthony can return back inside the Octagon, he will have a daunting task to complete six months of drug testing under the observation of United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). It is going to be a challenge for him considering how Anthony has utilised his spare time. Johnson made a return to UFC in 2014 and went on to win six of his eight fights with the two defeats coming against division champion Daniel Cormier.

Robbie Lawler accused of taking steroids by Rory MacDonald

It was an epic brawl at UFC 189 when Robbie Lawler defeated Rory MacDonald, but Rory sure had things to say in a recent interview. The “Red King” apparently believes “Ruthless” was using some kind of performance-enhancing drug during the fight. Rory stated that during the fight Robbie never slowed down, even after being hurt, Robbie kept on going relentlessly keeping his pace and power intact and recovering with utmost pace. Rory did acknowledge that Robbie has that fire and rage to help him through the hard moments, but he strongly believes that Robbie has been taking some sort of drug. Till date, Robbie has not failed a drug test which makes the accusation contradicting to the results. Rory did clear that it’s not about sour grapes after the defeat but it is because of his genuine belief and only time can clear things.

Conor McGregor believes he can win a rematch between him and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd convincingly beat the UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor back in August. The win meant Floyd remained unbeaten playing his last match before retirement. In an exclusive Q & A inside the SEC Auditorium in Glasgow, McGregor expressed his disappointment and disgust about the fact that Floyd will be fighting no more. He strongly believes that if he had one more go at Floyd, he could end up victorious. Conor explained how Floyd had entirely changed his approach when both the fighters met, how he fought completely different than how he usually does. Surely, Conor hasn’t lost one bit of his confidence. Although he won’t be fighting Floyd, he has tons of options under his belt and will be left to defend his title in UFC. 

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