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Latest MMA News (Week 1 March 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 1 March 2018)

Hector Lombard feels he was wrongly disqualified for his antics

Drama has heightened in and out of the ring at UFC, and at UFC 222 there remains a fair bit of controversy revolving around Lombard’s disqualification. Lombard launched few scathing blows after the bell, and was disqualified due to this. Lombard defended himself and said that the referee didn’t interfere quickly enough. Veteran John McCarthy had his take on the controversial decision, and said that Lombard’s accusation of referee Smith not stepping in quickly was correct, but his last punch landed after the bell rang, and the DQ was a fair decision at the end of the day.

C.B. Dollawaywent for a body kick at the fag end to which Hector countered with a one-two, but replays suggested that his last punch was indeed after the bell. McCarthy also added that Smith abided by 90% of the refereeing mechanics, but his inability to put his arm in between the onrushing fighters was a deal breaker. McCarthy is one of the experienced tutors of refereeing and coincidentally Smith is one of his graduates. Lombard was rightly baffled by the decision, and said that he didn’t hear the bell, and Smith wasn’t anywhere near.

Frankie Edgar, the little gem

It is a rare sight when a player is finished off in a fight, but gets his name revered by the crowd. Such is Frankie Edgar’s legend. An 11-year career to envy off, Edgar never hogged the limelight in an era where being a superstar is the minimal requirement. Edgar boasts of another phenomenal trivia of not getting finished in any of his fight, but Brian Ortega proved to be a bit too much for the diminutive underdog who has been a cult figure due to his undying attitude, and his ability to grind results out of nothing.


Brian Ortega did something that Jose Aldo, Sean Shark, Benson Henderson, and others could not do, and that is a huge achievement. Edgar is an affable character and his never say never attitude has garnered fans all over the MMA universe. Conor McGregor posted a heartfelt tweet, and many others followed his suit.


Conor McGregor still making big bucks without entering the ring

McGregor is now endorsing Burger King, and the new advertisement is a Conor classic. The Notorious is yet to stage a comeback after what has been a gigantic boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. Dana White has refrained from clearing any clouds over his comeback, but that hasn’t halted McGregor’s way of weaving his way into limelight. In the video McGregor is donning a suit and enjoying a hearty Burger King meal. The Notorious is expected to make it by mid-2018, although nothing concrete.

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