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Latest MMA News (Week 1 February 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 1 February 2018)

Weidman sheds light on Anderson Silva’s downfall

Once the undisputed king of MMA, Anderson Silva has many records to boast of like the 16-fight winning streak and seven-year middleweight title holder, but the UFC 162 bout against Chris Weidman may have been the turning point of the great Brazilian’s MMA career. A second-round knockout meant, Weidman ended the UFC record, but Silva’s unparalleled technical prowess meant he would revive himself, and avenge his loss. However, it was a downward slope since then with one victory to his name. This coupled with his failed drug tests meant that Silva tarnished his glittering career right at the twilight. The 2015 Weidman rematch was comical and painful, Silva had failed the drug test, but lost out to Weidman after shattering his leg.

Silva has defended his both drug tests, and said that he took them unknowingly. However, Weidman feels that what could have ended as the career of the greatest MMA fighter may have been tainted by his recent acts. Weidman said that he isn’t surprised with most of the fighters he has faced were charged of failing a drug test at least once in their lifetime. He added that in Brazil the consumption of steroids is easy as it is available, and many may have been taking them for a long time.


Priscila Cachoeira doesn’t regret anything after getting dominated by Valentina Shevchenko

It wasn’t a sweet debut for the Brazilian who was up against Valentina, and things got worse after the first round when she injured her knee that is expected to keep her out of action till 2019. Many criticized the refs and her coach as Priscila could barely pack a punch and was decimated by Valentina. However, Priscila feels her coach did a great job by not calling it quits and posted a long social media message. She expressed her gratitude for the fans and her friends and family that stood by her, and asked for forgiveness as she couldn’t match to their expectations, but said that anyone who knows her can say that she can do better.


Jon Fitch to join Bellator

Things aren’t going great for PFC who are set to lose another marquee player in the form of Jon Fitch who officially said that he is talks with Scott Coker over his future at Bellator. Fitch is a former welterweight title contender. Fitch announced that he is a free agent from 2nd February. The 39-year old hasn’t disclosed his long term plans, but is hopeful to make his mark at Bellator. Fitch has had a long career, and most of them were plagued by contentious decisions.

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