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Benson Henderson on the Mayweather and McGregor fight

Benson Henderson a veteran UFC fighter and former champion was not pleased with the huge show between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Henderson, who is currently in the Bellator, believes the whole fiasco was ‘detrimental for MMA’. In doing so, Henderson also took a dig at WWE, calling the wrestling company a mock contest. He went on to add how this might be starting a bad trend for fighting. The matches will be worked, and finishes will be booked beforehand, this is not the way Henderson wants MMA to go down. McGregor took on Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest money-making matches in the history of sports. Connor McGregor who is almost unbeatable in UFC lost via TKO in the last round. This also marked the 50th win of Floyd Mayweather’s career. Although many were pleased with the whole thing, Henderson was not happy. He was opposed to the fact that one fighter had to carry the other one for a few rounds before winning. He also does not appreciate loudmouths in the sport; fighters who only talk trash but cannot perform in the ring. Henderson returns to the octagon at Bellator 183 after an ACL injury.


Aaron Chalmers wins via knockout in just 30 seconds

Aaron Chalmers became an instant hit with MTV’s series Geordie Shore. Now it seems the 30-year-old is keen on hanging up his boots from the reality show and moving on towards the MMA path. After the last season of Geordie Shore, Aaron worked hard to prepare for his second professional fight against Alex Thompson. He said that he wanted to prove the critics wrong and after the fight, he might just have. Within just 30 seconds of the fight, Aaron picked up the win by a knockout. From the moment the bell rang, Aaron was all over Thompson, and in no time the referee called for a knockout. The reality star was quite keen on pursuing his MMA career, and many even speculate he might leave the show next year.


Heavy speculations on the David Branch and Luke Rockhold fight

David Branch heads to the fight against Luke Rockhold in Pittsburgh with 4 to 1 odds stacked against him. Branch who has a record of 21 wins and 3 losses is very much high with an 11 match winning streak. Many are even forgetting that Branch has overcome far worse odds than this. Since childhood Branch has faced the odds against him in every step. After watching an old UFC event, Branch fell in love with it and decided to take it up as a profession. David Branch is very much considered one of the best finishers in the sport, and he should be able to beat the odds in the fight. 

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