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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight to be finalised soon: MMA UFC 

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight to be finalised soon:

The much-awaited fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is expected to be finalised soon according to the UFC President Dana White. Speaking at the UFC 211’s post-fight conference, Dana stated that he expects to finalise the contract from McGregor’s side by Sunday before he moves to Floyd to negotiate a deal in the next week. While this does sound positive news, Dana didn’t hesitate to get more open and frank about the issue. He did accept that the contract is working out from McGregor’s side, but the same cannot be said from Mayweather’s side. He didn’t refrain from saying that there is a lack of confidence in a deal happening, but it is time that will tell. He openly said the negotiation would very much depend on how ridiculous the demands are from Mayweather and that it’s not at all going to be easy to strike a deal. Get a Mobilbet free bet here.

It is a delight for the MMA fans to look forward to seeing the reigning UFC lightweight champion face Floyd Mayweather in a blockbuster boxing bout but as of now, things are not looking to move as fast as expected. Dana did assure though that he wouldn’t be spending more time on negotiating a deal as it would take away more time, as he would rather approach with more commitment towards other UFC-specific goals. The match is definitely going to be very profitable for the UFC, but the question remains as to how much profitable is the bout going to be. There is no guarantee on the number of buys you are going to do. It always on the luck when it is on a pay-per-view. There is no concrete prediction on what is going to happen. This shouldn’t be a fight where the UFC should be worried about the profit earnings, but Dana White still remains sceptical given how things are at the moment. The fight’s potential in monetary terms ranges from $100 million to $500 million. The talk of the fight has been going around since November, but an agreement is yet to be made.

Tentatively the fight was scheduled for 16th September, but a mega fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin was announced which takes away any chances of a fight happening then. Dana does take the responsibility of not acting faster but time is running out for him to close a deal. There are chances of a match not happening if the demands from Mayweather’s side get too much unacceptable and that is something the fans are not wishing to hear.

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