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Latest MMA News (Week 2 April 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 2 April 2018)

Brock Lesnar commits to WWE, but will appear once a year Brock Lesnar has always managed his time between the rings of UFC and WWE ever so well, but it looks like the Monster has signed a new deal, which would mean a solitary UFC game every year. It was expected that Lesnar would leave WWE once and for all in 2015, and the deal was about to be finalized, but he had a change of heart back then. Speculations rose again in 2017, but this time the WWE spotlight…

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Latest MMA News (Week 1 April 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 1 April 2018)

Brian Ortega how he narrowly missed on against “The Eagle” Tony Ferguson’s knee injury meant the spot was up for the grabs and it was finally bestowed upon Max Holloway, but there was another superstar waiting in the wings who expressed his desire to take on Khabib to Dana White, but things didn’t go his way. However, Brian remains fairly optimistic as he will face Holloway later this year for the featherweight championship, and said that he could get a fight against Khabib as well. Brian tweeted earlier and revealed…

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Latest MMA News (Week 4 March 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 4 March 2018)

Josh Barnett; almost lost in the wilderness It has been a long 15 months for Josh Barnett who was initially banned by the USADA, and holds the record for the first one ever to be banned after USADA came into existence. Happy memories have eluded him for some time now, but Barnett has been able to prove that the failed drug test was due to a tainted supplement, and the ban would be immediately lifted, and he can return to action as soon as possible. Barnett wasn’t bitter when asked…

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Latest MMA News (Week 3 March 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 3 March 2018)

Latest MMA News Nasrat Haqparast diagnosed with a dangerous eye infection It was a strange announcement when the bout between Nasrat Haqparast and Nad Narimani had to be called off subject to the former’s health condition. Preliminary reports suggested that Nasrat may have been infected with Conjunctivitis or more commonly known as “Pink Eye”. However, in an Instagram post by the fighter himself, was revealed that it is a “dangerous infection”, but believes he will be back soon. Nasrat also expressed his gratitude for the MMA administration and applauded the…

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Latest MMA News (Week 2 March 2018) MMA 

Latest MMA News (Week 2 March 2018)

Anne Veriato creates history Mixed martial arts have always been a male-dominant game, but the trend has changed significantly in the past decade or two.  Anne Veriato, a transgender woman has registered her name in the history of MMA as she became the first transgender woman to step in a ring. To add cherry to the cake? She won comprehensively. Veriato, a jiu-jitsu expert has made her transition as a MMA fighter as she took down RailsonPaixao with ground submission moves, and handled whatever Paixao threw at her with relative…

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Latest MMA News (Week 1 March 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 1 March 2018)

Hector Lombard feels he was wrongly disqualified for his antics Drama has heightened in and out of the ring at UFC, and at UFC 222 there remains a fair bit of controversy revolving around Lombard’s disqualification. Lombard launched few scathing blows after the bell, and was disqualified due to this. Lombard defended himself and said that the referee didn’t interfere quickly enough. Veteran John McCarthy had his take on the controversial decision, and said that Lombard’s accusation of referee Smith not stepping in quickly was correct, but his last punch…

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Latest MMA News (Week 4 February 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 4 February 2018)

Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier have their own say in the controversial FOX 28 main event The fight between Jeremy Stephens and Josh Emmett has spared debate all around the World, and that includes two well known fighters of MMA history, Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier. Working in the studios now, both perceived Stephens knee and couple of elbows differently. Cormier felt Stephens was lucky not to have seen decisions go against him, and he should have been penalized for what Cormier feels an illegal knee. However, Cruz didn’t find…

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Latest MMA News (Week 3 February 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 3 February 2018)

Donald Cerrone shows age is just a number When you are 34, you would expect to crack another record or garner respect from rest of the World. In Cerrone’s case it was a mix of everything. When he entered the ring with the same charming yet unusual fashion with an Eastwood beard, the trademark cowboy hat, the usual bolo tie, and a shawl it looked like yet another day at the office. There was a considerable hype surrounding the match as Cerrone could go on to achieve two astonishing feats…

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Latest MMA News (Week 2 February 2018) MMA 

Latest MMA News (Week 2 February 2018)

Urijah Faber ready to ply his old trade again Known for his 13-year long stand in MMA fighting, Urijah Faber hasn’t hung up his boots yet. His openness to remain in the USADA testing pool shows that Faber can still make a comeback if he gets the right offer. The 38-year old called quits when he won via unanimous decision against Brad Pickett in 2016. He has complied with USADA, and he has revealed that he has kept his options open. Faber also said that he feels he is in…

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Latest MMA News (Week 1 February 2018) MMA UFC 

Latest MMA News (Week 1 February 2018)

Weidman sheds light on Anderson Silva’s downfall Once the undisputed king of MMA, Anderson Silva has many records to boast of like the 16-fight winning streak and seven-year middleweight title holder, but the UFC 162 bout against Chris Weidman may have been the turning point of the great Brazilian’s MMA career. A second-round knockout meant, Weidman ended the UFC record, but Silva’s unparalleled technical prowess meant he would revive himself, and avenge his loss. However, it was a downward slope since then with one victory to his name. This coupled…

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